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About Us

Muci Mineral Company

  • Based on Non-Mental mineral manufacture in China domestic for more than 9 years ,with ISO9001 standard every step are under control .

  • More than 5 years international business make logistic easy, timely information of tracking details, and strictly quality control.

  • 24 hours service to answer you questions.

  • We never give up trying to do better.

  • It is our duty to protect your healthy.


Our factory founded in north area of china, Mainly produce healthy product, such as: negative ions powder, tourmaline powder, maifans stone, negative ions ceramic ball, tourmaline ceramic ball, maifan stone ceramic ball, diatomite ceramic ball and Al2O3 ceramic ball. Our products are highly prise by china local market.


During these 4 years, Our healthy product had export more than 20 countries. Our customer come from America, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, Japan and so on.


In this year, our product apply for "MC" brand. and our customer developed to more than 60 countries. yearly export quantity more than 10000MT. We will never give up to do better.