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    Negative ion powder/anion powder for health care products

    • Standard: ISO9001
    • Brand : MC

    Negative ion powder is a kind of compound mineral by artificially synthesised or proportioned by human beings based on the principle of producing negative ions in nature.  It is generally compose

    1. Detailed information

    Negative ion powder is a kind of compound mineral by artificially synthesised or proportioned by human beings based on the principle of producing negative ions in nature.  It is generally composed of tourmaline powder and lanthanide elements or rare elements. The rare elements proportion greatly exceeds that of tourmaline powder and occupy more over 60%. 


    Negative ion powder is high quality mineral materials which is naturally electrified, it is the multi-functional air cleaning materials what produced by high-tech processing and materials composite technology.  This product has the durable properties of  releasing hydroxyl negative ions and antibacterial. The negative ion powder could give the function of air purification to paints if it is compounded with building inerior wall coating paints. 


    Product Features:

    Release the high concentration negative ions consinuously ( under static conditions, the emission capacity of hydroxyl negative ions is not less than 2000 /cc ).  It will remove formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene etc. pollutants by the effect of electrical neutralization, chemical reaction and adsorption etc. function, to purify the air.  The elimination rate of pollutants is more than 90%. The room could be safely occupied within 96 hours after decoration. 

    Through the microdynamic contact of antibacterial components, it forms the strong antibacterial effect.  The minimum inhibitory concentration of escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus is 0.01%, and the minimum bacterial concentration is 0.1% and 0.5% respectively. The antimicrobial rate is more than 99%.


    The negative ion powder is made of inorganic materials and natural ingredients, it is safe to use and has no toxic side effects. The content of heavy metals reaches the food standard.  The product is radioactive in accordance with Class A standards of building materials, and its use range is not affected. 


    The particle size is less than or equal to 6um (100%), particle size is less or equarl to 2mm (>95%).  It mees the request of paints components and there is not other adverse effects on properties of the interior wall coating paints.   


    The use life of function of this products will be as same as the use life of paints. 


    Application Scope:

    It is applicable to water-base interior wall coating, paint, white cement, high-grade putty, wallpaper, wall cloth, textile, cosmetic and health care products etc. 

    It is widely used in hotel, restaurant, home, hospital, entertainment place etc. civil construction projects and high-grade public construction projects. 



    1: Air purification:  The movement of negative ions in negative ion powder in air is in the form of "Z".  It also carries negative cahrges to bacteria, dust, smoke particles, water droplets, etc. The charges combile with these particles to form a ball and sink, thus achieving the purpose of air purification.


    2: Eliminate indoor odor and all kinds of harmful gas:  The benzene, formaldehyde, ketone, irritating gases, ammonia etc. which  come from interior decoration decorate materials and the harmful peculiar smell which come from daily life leftover rice sour odour, cigarette etc.  The negative ions that release from the  wall cloth, curtain or paints which contains negative ion powder will remove all of them effectively. 


    3: Health care effect:  The negative ion fiber fabrics such as clothes, bed sheets, and indoor decoration wall paper, carpet or paints that containing negative ion powder etc. all have the double function of health and environmental protection. Such as fabric for car, can eliminate peculiar smell, purify car interior air, adjust the driver the excitement and inhibition of nervous system, improve the function of cerebral cortex, maintain good state of mind.  


    4: Water treatment: : Add the negative ion powder into filter matierals and use them in water filter cartridge, could kill bacterial in water, increase dissolved oxygen in water.  Use the negative ion powder to make negative ion fabric such as towel or use them in bathroom water treatment, could accelerate water molecule moverment,  let common water become active water, increase energy, remove human dirt easily, eliminate fatigue.  If the water that treated by negative ion powder use for high-grade green plants indoor culture, which can improve the survival rate of plants, shorten the maturity period.  Spray the leaves of flowers which can extend the shelf life of flower 5-10 time longer. 


    Negation ion powder useful: 

    1: Use in industry:

    Add them into the raw materials directly and mix well.  According to the specific application, determine the amount of adding. control the negative ion amount of the finished-products to be 500/cm3~1000/cm3. The proportion of adding is between 3%~12%, which could be added flexibly according to the demand of product and negative ions. 


    2: Use in Sauna /steam room:

    For example a 10 square rooms, usually it use 0.5kg per square meter.   


    3: Use in Textile: 

    Can make environmental-friendly carbon cloth , curtain, quilt, pad, anti-electromagnetic radiation shirt, vest, insole etc. 


    4: Use in Health care products, cosmetic:

    It can be made into emulsion, facial cleanser, shower gel, toner, facial mask, powder and so on make up and skincare products, with anti-acne, freckle, whitening and other effect, used in the shampoo to remove dandruff effect is quite good. 

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