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Negative ion powder for baby's bottle

A few days ago in Shandong, China, there is a customer who purchases negative ion powder for ceramics.His real purpose is to make ceramic milk bottles.

The negative ion powder is added to the ceramic body and glaze in proportion to make ceramic products, which have some special functions when used. For example, when using a negative ion ceramic cup to pour boiled water, tea or red wine, the taste will be more mellow than that of an ordinary ceramic cup; when using a negative ion ceramic vase to insert carnation flowers, it will open earlier than that of an ordinary ceramic vase, the flowering period will be longer, the flower branches and leaves will be hard, and the water for inserting flowers will not stink.

Due to the related use of anionic powder, the milk bottle has a new function after being added.

1.efficient killing of pathogens in Kaifeng milk powder in contact with air
2. help baby infants absorb milk powder
3. Better help eliminate imperfect toxins in infancy

However, there are still some requirements for adding proportion and negative ion powder color.Some elements of brown negative ion powder can affect ceramic body, so most ceramics still use white negative ion powder.

Although parents try to provide the best for their babies, safety is the first priority.Therefore, we should be more careful when using negative ion powder in milk bottles.Fortunately, our customer's R & D achievements are very good and have been on the market for many years.

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