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The negative ion powder in medicine

In the medical field, anion has been recognized as an effective means to kill bacteria and purify the air. The main mechanism is that the combination of negative ions and bacteria can change the structure of bacteria or transfer the energy, resulting in the death of bacteria, and finally sink to the ground. Medical research shows that the particles with negative electricity in the air increase the oxygen content in the blood, which is conducive to the transportation, absorption and utilization of blood oxygen. It has the functions of promoting metabolism, improving immune ability, enhancing muscle energy and regulating the balance of body function. According to research, negative ions can inhibit, alleviate and assist the treatment of 7 systems and nearly 30 kinds of diseases, especially the health care of human body.
Performance of negative ions
Anion is known as "air vitamin" in the medical field. Its main functions are as follows:
1. Nervous system
Anion has sedative effect. It can improve the function of cerebral cortex, invigorate the spirit, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, increase appetite, excite the parasympathetic nervous system, and improve work efficiency.
2. Respiratory system
Improve the lung function, speed up the movement of respiratory fibrous hair tissue, increase the respiratory coefficient (increase the oxygen absorption by 20%, increase the CO2 emission by 14.5%), strengthen the movement of tracheal epithelial cilia, increase the secretion of glands, at the same time, promote the regeneration of nasal epithelial cells, restore the secretion function of mucous membrane.
3. Metabolism
Negative ions have certain effects on carbohydrate, protein, fat metabolism, water and electrolyte metabolism of the body. Inhalation of negative ions can reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, potassium and other contents, increase urine volume and excretion of nitrogen and creatinine in urine; at the same time, it can affect enzyme system, activate various enzymes in the body, promote metabolism of the body; it can also oxidize brain, liver, kidney and other tissues It can promote the growth and development of the body.
4. Circulation system
Air anion has the therapeutic effect of lowering blood pressure. It can improve the heart function and myocardial malnutrition, increase the content of hemoglobin in the blood, reduce blood sugar, increase pH value, shorten the time of blood coagulation, and stimulate the hematopoietic function of the body. Some people in our country have used air anion to treat peripheral leukopenia and radiation-induced leukopenia, and achieved certain effect.
5. Treatment and health care
Treatment of respiratory diseases, bronchitis, asthma, emphysema and so on have a certain effect.
6. Immune system
Improve the body function and enhance the body resistance.
7. Air purification
It can effectively eliminate the smoke and dust, eliminate the peculiar smell of the air, eliminate the toxic gas produced by the decoration and improve the environmental pollution.

Generally, people can only obtain negative ions in nature, in addition to which is from negative ion negative ion powder is also highly valued by the medical industry. At present, some plasters have been added with negative ion powder, which can play an anti-inflammatory and analgesic role.In the future, with people's research, the market of anionic powder should be larger, let's wait and see. If you need anion powder or have any questions, please contact us.