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2020 Children's Day wish everyone have a happy holiday

Today is June 1, 2020, international children's day. Yes, children's Day is an international festival. Originated in 1925, 54 countries in the world issued the declaration of protecting children and safeguarding their welfare. In November 1949, the Executive Committee of the International Federation of democratic women was held in Moscow. It was officially decided that June 1 would be the international children's day.
Subsequently, many countries joined, although the customs are different, but the purpose remains the same.
Children are the future of the country and the hope of the nation. To create a good family, social and learning environment for all children and let them grow up healthily, happily and happily has always been the goal of all countries in the world. The annual "61 International Children's Day" is a special festival for children.
In contemporary China, children's day can be described as "buy buy buy". Buy children favorite toys, clothes, learning stationery and so on. Children's interest is just like this. A gift can make children very satisfied and happy for a long time. At one time, when parents were younger, children's Day was about playing. Because of the limited economic level at that time, not only there were few toys, but also children had to help with housework, so playing was the greatest fun for children.
In 2020, because of the new coronary pneumonia, many festivals are destined to be different. As many kindergartens do not return to school, it is difficult to hold children's Day party activities. Similar to parents who can work at home, children's day can also be held online, but teachers have more work to do .

Now, in China, children's Day is universal. so it's common for friends to wish the big friends and childrens all have a happy children's Day.

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