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Tourmaline is good for healthy

Tourmaline contains a variety of natural minerals, many of which are essential for humans, and can also emit far infrared rays.

Far-infrared rays have a role in the central nervous system for human health, which can accelerate blood circulation, improve the microcirculation of brain tissue, enable brain cells to supply sufficient oxygen and nutrients, strengthen metabolism, and change the imbalance of cerebral cortex and deepen inhibition. The process plays a calming and sleeping role. And the circulatory system is also adjusted, the body's absorption of a large number of far-infrared thermal effects can increase the skin temperature, stimulate the intradermal heat sensor, relax the vascular smooth muscle through the thalamic reflex, accelerate the blood flow of the vasodilator, and cause the release of vasoactive substances. The vascular tension is reduced, and the small arteries, capillary arteries and capillary veins are dilated, which accelerates the blood flow, thereby accelerating the circulation of the human body. Due to the rapid increase of blood flow, a large amount of far-infrared energy is brought to various tissues and organs of the whole body, and The microcirculation system regulates the contractile function of the microcirculatory blood vessels, makes the thin tube diameter thicker, strengthens the blood flow, and stagnate the dilated vascular stagnation flow into a line flow, which is the bidirectional regulation of the far-infrared microcirculation blood vessels. The most important thing is to delay aging and prolong life. The far-infrared accelerates the circulation, makes the metabolism more vigorous, improves the function of the body tissues and organs, delays the process of organ decline, and is often in a good running state, achieving the purpose of delaying aging and prolonging life.

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