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Health negative ion powder

Negative ion powder has many functions and involves many industries, but in the end it has a certain effect on human health care. The negative ion powder can produce negative ions stably and efficiently, and the amount of negative ions is closely related to the mass, temperature and measurement distance of the powder. The negative ion powder physical ability stable highly effective production negative ion, the quantity of negative ion has the close relationship with the powder body quality, the measuring temperature and the measuring distance.

Negative ion powder health care function:

Negative ion fiber processed fabrics such as clothes, bed sheets, wallpapers, carpets, paints, etc. all have the dual functions of health care and environmental protection.

The negative ion concentration produced by the powder varies with the powder quality and the test distance. The higher the mass, the higher the concentration;

The concentration changed with different powder quality and testing distance. The more powder quality, the higher ion concentration.

The negative ion powder is not better for health you added more. it is need on a reasonable range.

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