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Application Prospect of Negative Ion Coatings

Negative ion coatings have broad application prospects. They not only have the basic properties of conventional coatings, but also have the functions of releasing negative ions, emitting far infrared, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew and purifying air. They are becoming the preferred products of building interior wall coatings. They are used in factories, villas, hotels, cinemas, large stadiums and hospitals. There are potential advantages in special occasions such as courtyards and basements. Therefore, we should vigorously develop the research and development of anion coatings, develop anion products with independent intellectual property rights, and promote the development of anion coatings industry in China.

Anionic additives used in interior wall coatings are nano-based materials with micro-porous structure and huge surface area, and have strong adsorption properties. When in contact with air, harmful gases in the surrounding environment can be adsorbed to the surface of the material and fixed to the pore on the surface of the material, and then neutralized by chemical reaction, so as to achieve the effect of purification.

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