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Is the tourmaline powder as finer as better?

As the title:Is the tourmaline powder as fine as better?

Customers often ask us : Is the tourmaline powder as finer as better? Our reply  combined with our Just you yourself  industry to judge.

There are three types of black tourmaline in nature:

1、 Monocrystals are prismatic with different lengths. Some have six edges and some have three edges. They are black and have brightness. Their density is slightly higher than that of ordinary stones. They will absorb light and small objects when rubbed with fur.

2、 Fibrous, acicular, tufted tourmaline, black, shiny.

3、 Polycrystalline, block tourmaline, also has brightness, density than the general stone.

All the above three kinds of tourmaline are black. In the absence of impurities, after cleaning, drying, crushing, processing by Raymond machine or air flow grinder, different mesh numbers can be achieved.

But the processed tourmaline powder has some slight differences in color, such as black and gray. 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh and 600 mesh are generally black in fineness, with little change in color.

Only when it is processed to 800 mesh and 1250 mesh, the color is slightly lighter, but it is still black. Only when it is processed to more than 2000 mesh, it will turn gray.

A lot of common gray tourmaline powder, the actual fineness is only 200-400 mesh, why is the color gray, or gray green, gray white? Because the purity of the original ore is not good, and there are impurities such as mica, vermiculite, quartz, etc. in it, it is processed to 200-400 mesh, which is the color.

The quantity of impurities can be used to judge whether it is good or not.

So how to distinguish fineness? In the use of factory will have a certain means of testing, the simplest is the number of mesh screen.

Usually different industries, Will choose different number of items tourmaline powder, It's not that the finer the better.If you have questions,please contact us: