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The price of tourmaline powder/tourmaline powder factory price

Our factory can supply various kinds of quality tourmaline powder, and the tourmaline powder price is difference with the quality.

Tourmaline powder is mainly black, black and grey two kinds. But in the market some people has the negative ion powder mixed tourmaline powder, so if you want  with the price to buy tourmaline powder, please carefully distinguish.

In the previous article, we also introduced the  black tourmaline powder is the most pure quality tourmaline powder.Therefore, the price of pure black tourmaline powder to be relatively high.And the grey black tourmaline powder price is relatively cheap.In addition, the tourmaline powder specifications will also affect the price difference.

As the ultrafine tourmaline powder is precious than the rough tourmaline powder.In addition, differences in state labor force can also lead to price differences. Compared with the United States and other developed countries such as China, The tourmaline powder price is relatively cheap.So the tourmaline powder  price, we will offer a range for you.

US $10-50  / Kilogram Is the price of our tourmaline powder,US $3-15  / Kilogram it's our price for promotion.Because the market price fluctuations, if you need tourmaline powder, please communication with our telephone.Just last month, in the northern part of China, most factories were shut down because of the environmental protection department's supervision.Many enterprises have sold out of their products and the prices have been greatly affected.Therefore, if you want to know the price of the latest tourmaline powder, please contact us:Tel: +86-18132112026(WhatsApp) /+86-18133839785 Email: