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Tourmaline powder can be used to feed the pigs?

A net friend asked, tourmaline powder can be used to feed the pigs? As we all know, the China Chinese characters is broad and profound, tourmaline can be used to feed the pigs? In principle, the tourmaline powder can be used for feed additives, thus can be used to feed the pigs.

But as the tourmaline powder manufacturers,If you're raising pigs,take the tourmaline powder to pigs, this is not desirable.

Non-metallic minerals are widely used, so the use of tourmaline in agriculture or livestock industry has also been shown. Feed additive is one of them.

And the tourmaline powder in the feed also has certain proportion, how also should have certain scientific content.

As people's material life is more and more rich, the quality requirements of food is also higher and higher, the demand for those pure, pollution-free green food. But the existing security practices for food cultivation, especially crops, is generally not used pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and the use of biological cultivation and the use of manure, the content of hazardous substances resulting in crops will be greatly reduced.

What is the proportion of tourmaline stone powder used in feed?

Tourmaline mineral feed additive components are composed of naturally occurring minerals, not adding chemical agent, improve the use of containing the additive of the invention is to feed livestock and poultry immunity, reduce the incidence of more than 70%, can save about 20% of the amount of feed, increase feed absorption rate of more than 30%. In addition, the feed animals grew faster, the meat became tender, and the feeding cost was greatly reduced.