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Negative ion powder with paint materials

How to use the negative ion powder mix to the paint materials?

As usual the mainly paint materials is titanium dioxide and iron oxide, for the titanium dioxide has high whiteness, it used to the inner paint and coating. but when print it to the wall maybe has peculiar smell and formaldehyde. how to remove it? it is easy, you can mix some negative ion powder. it is white powder the whiteness can be 95%min. negative ion powder can soluble in any materials, cant happen precipitation.

When it mix to the colors iron oxide it cant change the origal color. because the white color is can suit every colors.

So remove the peculiar smell and formaldehyde the best way is negative ion powder.

Except this usage it can be Ceramics, Glazing, Environmental Protection, Cigarettes, Coatings, Textiles, Cosmetics, Water Purification, Air Purification, Anti-electromagnetic Radiation, Health Care Products, etc.