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  • Negative ion powder with paint materials

    negative ion powder can soluble in any materials, cant happen precipitation, such as titanium dioxide and iron oxide

  • Deal negative ion powder with new client

    Negative ion powder can be used for Ceramics, Glazing, Environmental Protection, Cigarettes, Coatings, Textiles, Cosmetics, Water Purification, Air Purification, Anti-electromagnetic Radiation, Health Care Products, etc.

  • No-radiation negative ion powder/anion powder

    Negative ion powder can be used in Painting, ceramic, pendant, textile, water treatment, latex, cosmetic, plastic, glaze, Synthetic fiber, air purification and so on

  • Is the same substance between germanium powder and ochre powder?

    Through the related search of network definition, germanium is silver gray crystal, the melting point is 937.4 C, the boiling point is 2830 C, the chemical formula is Ge

  • Merry Christmas To MC Dear friends

    Christmas is a festival that is as big as the Chinese New Year.I wish my dear family, friends and fellow students, partners Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas!

  • If you need to black tourmaline, please contact us

    Marketing is everywhere. Just a few days ago, We received a foreign phone call. I was ashamed to say that I forgot all my English teacher's teaching.

  • Is tourmaline a transparent crystal?

    Tourmaline is a kind of crystal ore,Chemical formula Na (Mg, Fe, Mn, Li, Al) 3Al6 [Si6O18] [BO3] 3 (OH, F) 4, color, has red, yellow, blue, green and so on

  • 2018 China holiday notice

    In December, when western countries were preparing for Christmas, China announced the holiday arrangement in 2018.