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  • Negative ions/anions effects

    Negative ions is natural, tasteless, non-toxic, safety performance is good. Negative ions have purify air, eliminate fatigue, and promote the role of the human body health effects.

  • Ceramic grade negative ion powder

    Ceramic grade negative ion powder is the negative ion powder good use for the ceramic products.The negative ion powder blends to the materials of ceramic product can happen different good effects.

  • The relationship between Negative ions and Ozone

    Negative ion and Ozone(O?) have some same effect but they are essentially different.As we all know Ozone can be Uv protection and disinfection. Ozone is dissolved in water after sterilization ability Can quickly to kill bacteria and viruses.

  • Negative ion powder wholesale

    Negative ion powder has paint grade, rubber grade, cosmetic grade, textile grade, water filter grade, air filter grade, health grade, electromagnetic radiation grade, environmental grade and cigarette grade.

  • Raining day welcome Kuwait client

    Today is raining day, but our Kuwait clients come to our factory in time. Before he had order our 5MT negative ion powder and 5MT tourmaline powder.

  • How to determine the quality of tourmaline powder?

    Some people often asked: How to determine the quality of tourmaline powder?And the tourmaline is true, or false?Nature tourmaline has three major forms:

  • Welcome Arabia partner to our factory

    2017-7-21, this day is a big day. Our partner Mirza come to Shijiazhuang air port at 11:00 am.

  • How to identify the tourmaline stone

    These three forms tourmaline stone? just come from different area but from washing, drying and crashing to tourmaline powder 100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh, 600mesh, 800mesh, 1250mesh, 2000mesh, 3000mesh and 6000mesh. Had same effect for our use.