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  • anion powder

    Water-soluble anion powder is a good material for far-infrared radiation, which is very beneficial to human health. It can release far-infrared radiation suitable for human absorption. The wave length

  • Monazite can release the negative ions

    Usage:(1) The negative ions in the purified air anion powder move in the shape of Z in the air. Moreover, negative charges are conveyed to bacteria, dust, smoke particles and water droplets, and charg

  • White tourmaline powder

    We range white tourmaline powder from 200mesh to 2000mesh.Usage: paint, cosmetic, title, plastic and so on.

  • How to identify true and false titanium dioxide

    titanium dioxide is a kind of paint materials, can be used widely.

  • China 19th CPC National Congress directly impact to us

    In October 18, 2017, the nineteenth National People's Congress of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing.Many media are paying attention to what measures China