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What is the role of negative ion powder?

Said negative ion powder may wish to use in the coating, after all, anion powder in the paint play what use it? Add a few more will play such a result? Excluding the focus of the skills of employees, most people do not understand it! Today's foreign trade history Send a new person to recommend negative ion powder, saying that this earthy gray is anion powder, grab a small amount of paint into your home decorating room, your home's house is in good condition, why do you say that, still think negative ion powder With a huge use.' The decontaminating atmosphere Negative ions in negative ion powders are zigzag-shaped when they are moved in the atmosphere. Negative ions are sent to bacteria, dust, smoke particles, and water spots. Charges and these particles are connected together to form a ball and sink. To reach the goal of purifying the atmosphere.

    Elimination of indoor odors and unpleasant gases Benzene, formaldehyde, ketones, ammonia, and other irritating gases that evaporate from the decorative materials used in the interior decoration process, as well as residual odors in leftovers of livelihood, are not helpful to people. The odor, the use of anionic powder containing the wall cloth, curtains, etc., or negative ion powder coating, the release of the negative ions can be usefully removed.

    Health care fabrics treated with anionic fibers, such as clothes, sheets and wallpapers for interior decoration, carpets, or coatings containing anionic powders, have multiple health and environmental benefits, such as the use of anion fibers for car interior fabrics. Car odor, purify the atmosphere, mobilize the driver's nervous system to happy and depressed form, improve the efficiency of the cerebral cortex is still excellent energy form.

    The water solution uses negative ion powder to participate in the filter material used in the drinking machine filter core, which can kill bacteria in the water, increase the dissolved oxygen in the water, use the anion fiber to make the bathroom towel or use in the bathroom water solution, can speed up the water line activity, make the ordinary water Forms active water, supplements energy, removes body dirt, and eliminates fatigue. The solution of water for advanced green vegetation indoor cultivation can increase the survival rate of vegetation and reduce the maturation period. Spraying on the leaves of flowers and plants can make flowers. The preservation period is increased by 5-10 times.

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