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How long can the negative ion powder be stored?

Any substance has an effective period, how long can negative ion powder be stored? How to store it has become a topic today, but we will think of what negative ion powder is composed of. Is its constituent element ineffective? How to store negative ion powder is more A mineral-like mixture, he does not exist alone in the natural world. The primary preparation of negative ion powder is monazite. Monazite has a permanent release. In this way, negative ion powder naturally has no shelf life.

Atmosphere consists of most branches and atoms. When a branch or atom in the atmosphere loses or gets electrons, it becomes a charged particle called an ion; positively charged is called positive ion, negatively charged is called negative ion. Negative ion What kind of negatively charged gas ions in the atmosphere, negative ions can not only promote the body to merge and store vitamins, deepen and activate the body's livelihood movement, has a significant impact on the human and other animal life movements, so it is also known as For "Aura Vitamin".

And it feels like food vitamins, it has a very important influence on the life movements of humans and other animals, and some even think that the atmosphere is related to negative ions and turtle age. It is called "galactophora". About a positive and negative ion, Its life is short, usually only a few minutes. After a good atmosphere of thunderstorms, this is what everyone feels experienced. It is because whenever the thunderstorm, the gas branches in the atmosphere are under the use of thunder and they leave the belt. Negative ion.

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