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  • Is the tourmaline powder as finer as better?

    Customers often ask us : Is the tourmaline powder as finer as better? Our reply combined with our Just you yourself industry to judge.

  • What's the advantages of white nano tourmaline powde using in mask?

    The electrostatic melt blown cloth with white nano tourmaline powder can release negative oxygen ions, achieve good antibacterial performance and have good health care effect.

  • Negative ion ceramic tile has six functions:

    1. Release of negative ions: When the negative ion ceramic tile contacts with water molecules in the air, the water can be electrolyzed and ionized to form negative ions (H3O2) and hydrogen (H2). With

  • Application Prospect of Negative Ion Coatings

    Negative ion coatings have broad application prospects. They not only have the basic properties of conventional coatings, but also have the functions of releasing negative ions, emitting far infrared,

  • Negative ions wall paint

    Negative ion interior wall coating is an advanced environmental friendly functional material. Negative ion dry powder interior wall coating: unique formula, excellent performance, green ecology, envir

  • What is the white Negative ion powder

    White negative ion powder chooses high-grade natural polar minerals, divides and refines them by wet ultrafine processing method, and then compounds with inorganic antimicrobial materials formed by na

  • Negative ions powder usage

    Negative ion powder is suitable for waterborne interior wall paint, paint, textile white cement, high-grade putty, wallpaper, wallpaper and other products, widely used in hotels, restaurants, homes, e

  • Negative ion liquid

    Product scope of application:Liquid negative oxygen ions are mainly used for micro-acid, especially for alkaline waterborne paint, latex paint, paint, ink, wallpaper glue, interior wall putty (diatom