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  • Negative ions powder application 3

    Ultrafine negative ion powder/anion powder is used in health care products and cosmetics. Gemstones are used to whiten the color and add to cosmetics or skin cream. Because it contains trace elements

  • Negative ions tester help you test negative ion any where

    This will help you test the negative ions any where in minerals, textile, ceramic, paint, rubber,air and so on.It tests exaxctly, now we sell it with competive pirce.If you have any inquire pls let us

  • Negative ion powder application 2

    Negative ion powder used in textile industry can be used as environmental protection carbon cloth, ultra-fine tourmaline powder can be made into ultra-fine fibers, can be made into anti-magnetic, mois

  • Negative ion powder application

    Negative ion powder/Anion powder can absorb the odor of paint, colloid and other products. Used for interior wall painting in architectural decoration, it can absorb the odor of paint, colloid and pai

  • Negative ion powder in paint

    Negative ion powder can be added to paint. Painting on the wall can purify indoor air, improve indoor air quality, promote human blood circulation, improve human immunity and promote metabolism. So as

  • Efficacy of tourmaline powder

    Efficacy of tourmaline powderTourmaline has different uses, such as tourmaline powder, ultrafine tourmaline powder and nanometer tourmaline powder. Applicable industries include embracing, cigarettes,

  • What are the differences between negative ions and negative oxygen ions?

    There is only one word difference between negative ions and negative oxygen ions, and there is a certain correlation between them. Therefore, many people often mistakenly believe that negative ions an

  • Congratulate our new client from thailand!

    After 2019 new year, we get a big orders from thailand, from 2017 we keep touch to now.  Everytime our price change we will update to them. and we stand in the viewpoint of clients.Repeated unrem