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  • Black tourmaline powder whosale specifications can be booked

    Black tourmaline powder raw materials are mainly divided into two kinds of fiber tourmaline and crystal tourmaline.Is a boron-based, but also aluminum, sodium, iron, magnesium, lithium and other elements of silicate minerals.Black tourmaline is one of the inorganic compounds, borosilicate mineral series.

  • How to make white tourmaline powder?

    How to make white tourmaline powder?① tourmaline powder processing to select the appropriate ferrous tourmaline, crushing through the rotary crusher, Raymond grinder and then by sand mill wet grinding..

  • How to choose high quality negative ion powder?

    At present, the market selection of negative ion powder mainly depends on the release of anion powder.So do you know the concentration changed with different powder quality and testing distance.

  • What is the use of negative ion powder in medicinal?

    The anionic powder can really be in medicinal? In the introduction of anion powder, it can be used in medicine. Such as the calcium carbonate powder, is the essential raw material for calcium.and our the factory can also provide ocher

  • My friends if you need anion powder please choose shipping

    Shijiazhuang Muci Trade Co.,Ltd.Our factory founded in lingshou county, shijiazhuang city north area of china,So if you need anion powder please choose shipping.

  • Negative ions/anions effects

    Negative ions is natural, tasteless, non-toxic, safety performance is good. Negative ions have purify air, eliminate fatigue, and promote the role of the human body health effects.

  • Ceramic grade negative ion powder

    Ceramic grade negative ion powder is the negative ion powder good use for the ceramic products.The negative ion powder blends to the materials of ceramic product can happen different good effects.

  • The relationship between Negative ions and Ozone

    Negative ion and Ozone(O₃) have some same effect but they are essentially different.As we all know Ozone can be Uv protection and disinfection. Ozone is dissolved in water after sterilization ability ..