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  • Do you understand tourmaline

    Tourmaline was first discovered in Sri Lanka. The time of appearance in China was obtained during the Tang Dynasty of Tang Dynasty in 644 AD. Since then, tourmaline has had a more reputable name, name..

  • Can negative ion powder be added to the insole to deodorise it

    negative electric charges are sent to bacteria, dust, smoke particles, and water spots. Charges and these particles are connected together to form a ball and sink.

  • Application of Iron Oxide Red in Gelatin

    Trace amounts of red iron oxide can be used to supplement iron, and this material has been used in gelatin.

  • Application of Tourmaline Powder in Textile Industry

    The textile cloth made of tourmaline powder has the effects of radiation protection and moisture protection, and also has the effect of automatically mobilizing the temperature. The negative ions released by tourmaline may also be sterilized, eliminate toxic substances such as heavy metal ions in the external environment, and highlight environmental protection!

  • What is the main purpose of red iron oxide

    Iron oxide red is a high-quality coloring pigment that can be used for coloring in the rubber, paint, construction, and other industries.

  • Application of tourmaline powder

    Tourmaline powder is a powder obtained by removing mechanical impurities after removing impurities from tourmaline ore.

  • The use of iron oxide in the field of pigments

    Iron oxide as a pigment is widely used in high-end automotive coatings, architectural coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, powder coatings

  • What are the advantages of adding negative ion powder to silicone?

    Silica negative ion powder has the purifying atmosphere, eliminates human fatigue, accelerates blood circulation, and stimulates the health of human body.