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  • Negative ions wall paint for mould proof and net flavour

    Suitable for senior residential, luxury hotels, commercial buildings, home and other places of high-grade decoration of interior wall and ceiling.

  • 5MT negative ions powder shipped to Indonesia

    This cool was bring from our Indonesia customer Jark, he is a owner to make the healthy pendants. He range his factory more than10 years, he never to give up explore new materials to add his product.

  • Negative ions powder and latex paints/coating

    As is known to all, air environment in today's society is closely related to human life. The indoor air environment is more close related to our life.

  • Much benefit Negative ions powder

    Negative ions powder, is the principle of negative ions generated by nature, human is a kind of natural mineral.It is made of natural ore crushing.Negative ions powder had white color brown color and

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